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Spiritual Warfare 5 - Freedom Over Satan’s Kingdom by Mark Bubeck

Videos & Audios:

Spiritual Warfare - Neil Anderson

Spiritual Warfare 6 - Manifestations of Demons by Jim Logan

Steps To Freedom

Breaking Curses

The Snake Story - Otto Koning (missionary)

What The Enemy Can and Cannot Do - Clinton Arnold

Pathway To Spiritual Authority - Ron Susek

I’ll Never Go Back - Shaman Testimony

(Testimony) Man On Drugs and Hearing Voices is Set Free

Satan, Demons and The Occult - Fred Dickason

Getting Free and Staying Free 2 - The Occult Vs. Standing with God - Jim Logan

Evil of Dungeon and Dragons - *60 Minutes Special from 1985

The Hidden Danger in Harry Potter - Bill and Wendell


Books Worth Reading: