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Biblical Restoration Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry using Christian principles to enable people to process and deal with traumatic life events that have resulted in ongoing problems. Paul Jordan provides assistance to children, adults, and married couples. Our desire is to facilitate spiritual growth in our clients which results in the restoration of their relationship with God and others. To this end, through biblical teaching and interaction, we address the core issues in their lives that serve to feed their presenting problems.

“Restore Such a One...”

                  - Galatians 6:1

Mission Statement:




Reaching the Nations one click at a time




Prayers That Please God:

Mark Bubeck was asked to share with us on how he prays Biblical Prayers.

Counseling Topics:

Needing help? We have organized materials in topics with Biblical teaching and links.

Godly Attitude Series

Dr. Jim Logan was asked to speak on the topic of having attitudes that glorify God.

Live Webinar:

Watch Biblical Restoration Ministries live videos on various topics. 

Your Road Home:

Woman’s website by Ann Abbott. She will take you on a journey through life towards heaven.

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Ted Hough Sunday School Teachings:

This Sunday school study on John 1 prepares you for Christmas. Jesus came for us.

New Website: It’s our honor to recommend the Official Jim Logan Website (

Recommended Video: This audio message by Fred Dickason is a deeper training in Spiritual Warfare. We need to be aware of how the enemy seeks to attack believers.


Videos based on simple yet practical Biblical principles for families.

Audio Archives:

Audio cassette tapes have been remastered and posted on our new audio website.

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Spiritual Warfare 1996 Conference

Dr. Jim Logan was asked to speak to missionaries who worked with native Americans on Spiritual Warfare.

Discipline Series:

Mark Bubeck shares how should parents be disciplining their children.

Audio Bible KJV:

We have been given the permissions to share with you, the complete KJV Old and New Testament Audio, Bible.

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