Biblical Restoration Ministries - Prayer Letters


September, 2008

Dear Friend,

I would like to share a prayer request with you. The ghost writer for my first book has been pushing me for years to write another book. When he mentioned it again several weeks ago, I said I would pray about it and ask God what to write about. As I waited on the Lord, the response came so clear and fast I was amazed. It was to write on “From Withering to Abiding” I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down the thoughts that came on what to include in the book -- signs of withering, developing a secret closet of prayer, using the Lord’s Prayer as a prayer guide, praying Scripture, Lectio Divinia, solitude and silence, using Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4 and 5 in worship, listening prayer, spiritual formation, what abiding is and the rewards of abiding. The Lord impressed me to keep the chapters short with helps at the end so those who seek a closer walk with God will have motivation and tools. Please pray for me as I begin this project.

We have had some dramatic freedom come to our counselees. One anorexic girl came to freedom, went home and began putting on weight. Her weight had been dangerously low. Her doctor said if she hadn’t come and made a turn around, she would have died. She is writing her story. A young man came who had been raised in two overseas orphanages where he suffered unbelievable physical and sexual abuse. In a fit of rage, he tried to stab his father with a butcher knife. He came to freedom from his rage and anger. He hasn’t had a fit of rage in weeks.

We want to add our intern, Paul Jordan, to the counseling staff this fall. I am now beginning my 20th year here at the counseling center.

In I Stand At the Door And Knock Corrie Ten Boom makes the following statements about John 15:5, the vine and the branches: “Identifying means become identical (Webster dictionary). Identifying means to treat as the same, which means because I am a son of God, God will treat me as He does His Son. So when I pray and approach the Father it has the same results as if Jesus prayed.” What a wonderful thought!

I recently read Ezekiel 33 about Israel’s watchman. When I was a student in training for ministry, there was a prayer movement called Watchman on the Wall. The word watchman means “one whose task is to keep a close watch.” (Strong’s Concordance) “A watchman is to inform the nation’s leadership of any danger.” (Theological Workbook of the Old Testament) So a watchman is one who assumes spiritual protection over an area of life, such as family, church, nation etc. and cries out to God about the impending danger. God is calling people to assume prayerful jurisdiction over areas and others to a verbal ministry to warn of approaching danger. To be a watchman is a grave responsibility. God says if a watchman sees the danger and doesn’t sound the alarm, He will hold the watchman accountable. Eze. 33:1-9

Thank you for being watchmen with us in this ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,

Jim and Marguerite Logan