Biblical Restoration Ministries - Marriage & Family


Lies Women Believe and the Truths that set

them Free

- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Raising Lamb’s Among Wolves - Mark Bubeck

Teens Who Are Out of Control - Jim Logan

Overcoming Worry

- Jim Logan

Sexual Sins - Jim Logan

Secrets and the Power of Words - Jim Logan

God’s Blueprint for

Becoming a Successful

Dad - Jim Logan

Prayer & How to Communicate Faith to your Family - Jim Logan

How the Enemy Attacks - Jim Logan

Insights on Counseling Children - Jim Logan

Help For Those Trapped in Lust - Jim Logan

The Power of Words

- Jim Logan

Fear - Jim Logan

Generational Sins -

Mark Bubeck

A Dying Mother Gives Her Last Words - Rachel Barkey

The Four Seasons of Marriage - Dr Gary Chapman

A Charge To Married Men (audio) - Paul Washer

Two People One Mission - Francis and Lisa Chan

Counseling Children - Jim Logan

Spiritual Dating -

Jim Logan

Stomping Out Darkness In Our Teens 1

- Dave Park

Stomping Out Darkness In Our Teens 2

- Dave Park

A Godly Family and Marriage

- Paul Washer

Building Healthy Emotions - Chris Hodges


- Nancy Leigh DeMoss