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The Importance of the Secret Place - Jim Logan

Verity College Graduation - Jim Logan

Declare Unto Them Thy Name - Jim Logan

Counseling Basics: Clearing My Conscience & Letting Go

- Jim Logan

God’s Direction in Giving

- Jim Logan


with God

- Jim Logan

The Importance of

Abiding in Christ - Jim Logan

A Biblical Worldview -

Dr. Dan Rumberger

My Journey With God

- Jim Logan

My Journey Towards God - Jim Logan

Practical Insights from God’s Word - Jim Logan

Practical Insights from God’s Word Series 2

- Jim Logan

Potential Pitfalls

in Ministry

- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

A Call to Holiness

- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

A Passion For Prayer - Jim Cymbala

How To Hear From God - Francis Chan

How Do You See God, The Father - Ron Jarrett

Do You Have A Relationship With God

- Francis Chan

Calling on God

- Jim Cymbala

Fitted For God’s Will

- Mark Bubeck

The Holy Spirit and You

- Ron Jarrett

It’s Time To Make A Change - Chris Hodges

Loving God

- Paul Washer

Quietness in your Storm

- Carter Conlon

Jesus Brings Comfort

- Mr. and Mrs Hodges